This May Be The Sexiest Teen On The Planet

Where can you find the cutest, sexiest and most beautiful teen on the Internet today? Well, here of course, and also on a porn site called Emily 18. That's a site that I've been visiting for quite some time now and I want to introduce it to you. I'm going to do that by showing you videos of this site as a sample of what it has to offer. If you want to see more, then you can just check out the videos on their site. Sound like a plan? Alright then, let's begin. This gallery starts with this fabulous teen wrapped in nothing but a blue dress. However, this dress doesn't stay on long and soon this nude teen is ready to strut her stuff. The first thing she reveals are those tender breasts of hers. Boobs that are neither too large nor too small. They are just right. Then she shows off her ass. A booty that's damn near perfect. The only thing she doesn't give us a good shot of her pussy—she keeps it covered with her hand. I guess she is saving that reveal for a little bit later. Perhaps it will be in the next set of pics I show—who knows? - check the whole gallery here!

Hot Enough To Make Your Blood Boil

The last teen porn scene of Emily 18 was pretty hot, so I decided to post another one. That's because I want to get a closer look at this babe's sweet fucking body. That, and we really didn't get a chance to see her pussy. Perhaps today is the day she'll reveal her snatch to us. Wow, wouldn't that be great? These pics start off with this chick up on all fours and showing off her nice round ass. A booty that she shakes a little bit for us. Then she pulls down her top, and since she isn't wearing a bra, immediately shows off her boobs. And to think, the action is only just now getting to a rolling boil. She then begins to hike down her panties but turns around as she does. This allows her to show off her nude ass without revealing her snatch to us. Which seems to make her sort of a prick tease, doesn't it? She's sure waiting long enough to show off her twat and that's for damn sure. However, she does show her pubes, so I guess there is a little bit of progress isn't there? - check the whole gallery here!

This Teen Pussy Controversy Rages On

It seems like we have a genuine Emily 18 pussy controversy on our hands. In the last couple of scenes, she has failed to show us that little pink prize that she has between her legs. She has come close to showing off that patch of paradise, but always stops short. I wonder how long it'll be before her lippy friend makes an appearance. This scene starts off with her wearing nothing but a bustier and a pair of panties. A combination used no doubt to get us all horny and shit. While she's wearing this outfit, she strikes a couple of poses that gets us excited even further. She turns around and shakes her booty at us, and she puts her hand down her pants and starts to flick her bean beneath her panties. It is only after she is sure she has our attention that she starts to reveal a little bit of flesh. Her boobs are the first thing to make an appearance. Peeking out slightly over the top of her bustier—before she removes it completely and just lets her titties hang free. Then she flashes a peek at her ass. Not too much, just enough for a little bit of a taste. - check the whole gallery here!

Getting The Girlfriend Experience In This Girl's Bedroom

In this young porno scene, we get to see Emily 18 in her bedroom. This is a scene that seems to try to be simulating a girlfriend experience. You know, so you can imagine what it would be like to be dating this chick and fucking her on a regular basis. And you know what? I think that it is actually working. The gorgeous teen with the purple highlights in her hair starts things off by bouncing up and down on her bed. Just to show us that she has a fun side. Then she pulls up the back of her dress and shows off her panty clad ass. Now she is just warming up and getting ready to bring out the big guns. Otherwise known as her fucking titties. Now she can do a bit of posing. She can make sure that we get a good look at her behind, and she can show off her soft thighs. She can even show off her feet. What she doesn't show however, is that lovely bush of hers. Something I know you can see on her site though. If you are still looking for it, then you should probably check her site out. - check the whole gallery here!

A Goddess Among Skanks

This young nude porn goddess is really turning me on and getting me all worked up. Why is that, you ask? That's because of the outfit she is wearing. All she's basically wearing is a tube top, a pair of panties and a pair of leggings. Of course, I don't know what year it is, but that doesn't matter because I am officially hot and bothered. Things really come off the hook when she starts to take those articles of clothing. She gets things started by pulling down her top and letting those small juggs of hers free. Then she pulls down her panties and gives us a taste of her southern border. She shows her nice round ass, but only shows us a little bit of pubic hair in the front. Oh man, still no pussy. Oh well, at least we are getting closer. I gotta say that on her site she does show her pussy every chance she gets. I just want to make sure everyone understands that fact. Away from the safety of her site, she's a little shy but not when she's there. - check the whole gallery here!

Horny Teen Gets Cooking In Her Kitchen

Someone once asked me if the naked teen Emily 18 was good in the kitchen. To that question, I had a simple reply: yes and no. If you mean that she can cook just about anything that you need cooked, then my answer would have to be no. On the other hand, if what you meant by the question was whether this babe could do some nasty and naughty things in the kitchen, then my answer would be a very emphatic yes. Just to prove it to you, I decided to post this gallery. In these pics, we get to see this lovely babe do what she does best. Take off all of her clothes and reveal to the camera her naughty bits. Take a look at these photos and I bet that this will be the first time you ever saw something so hot done in this particular part of the house. Our lovely young girl starts things off by taking off her top and eating some cherries as she sits there topless. Just letting the juices run down her neck, over her breasts and down her belly. Then she turns around and shakes that rump roast of an ass at the camera. She finishes things off by getting completely nude and showing us a full length shot of her body. Now that's some fine ass cooking! - check the whole gallery here!

She's Got A Whole Bag Of Tricks

Emily 18 is up to her same old tricks. She's in this picture gallery showing off her favorite pair of panties, as well as her sleek fucking body. This is a scene that I am sure all of her fans are going to get all worked up over. After all, it's pretty damn hot. She kicks off her routine by wearing what looks like a chain mail shirt and a pair of black panties. Actually, you really can't call the shirt a shirt, because it shows just about every inch of her skin. You can even see her pink nipples as they poke through it. It's a shame that her panties aren't made of the same material, then we could get a nice shot of her elusive pussy. It isn't too long in the session that she decided to toss the shirt away and just give us a good look at her body as she sits in her underwear. She gives us a couple of moments to soak in all of her sensuality, and then she makes her trademarked move. She removes her panties, cups her hand over her twat and allows us to look at her in all her beauty. - check the whole gallery here!

Don't Tire Of These Sex Pot

Have you grown tired of examining the sweet, young nude body of Emily 18? Yeah, me neither. I could probably spend the next couple of months checking out pics of this babe doing her thing. Every day for months on end without any problem whatsoever. That's how much I like her. You probably feel the same way, which is why I decided to show you these pictures today. In this gallery, she puts on a real good fucking show that will really get your tighty-whiteys in a bunch. But don't take my word for it. Check it out for yourself, after all it's right in front of you. She kicks off her routine by wearing a sweet little dress and high heel shoes. But that doesn't stay on her very long—at least not the dress—as you probably already know. That's because she is a true exhibitionist and just can't wait for you to see her tits and ass. She even gets carried away a bit and just about shows off that pussy of hers. And she does all of it while she keeps her high heel shoes on. That's a winner in my book. - check the whole gallery here!

Sexy Fun At A Fake Beach

Do you want some young porn that shows this hot teen having a little bit of fun on the beach? Well, if you do, then it's too fucking bad. That's because I am not going to give you pictures that show this chick relaxing by the ocean. No, I am going to show you some of her pretending to chill out at the beach. This chick might not be able to afford to go to the beach for real, but she can at least make believe she can. And that is exactly what she does in these pics. She even dresses up and brings toys like that is what she is going to do. I know, it's a little weird but only until she starts getting nude. After that, then it kind of gets pretty hot. She's a free-spirit and that's a fact. She plays around on the blowup doughnut as she begins to peel off articles of clothing. She takes off her shirt and shows us her lovely breasts. And then she pulls down the front of her panties and kind of teases us with her pubic hair. Just another day at the beach I suppose. - check the whole gallery here!

She's Jealous But I'm Horny

Most women who see pics of this hot teen are green with envy. They think she's a beautiful girl with nice breasts, a tight ass and a lot of personality. And I think this gallery will make them even more envious. That's because this young nude looks absolutely amazing in green. Of course, they might change their mind when they realize that this chick has combined that shirt with orange shorts, but that's okay because us guys don't care about colors clashing. Hell, we don't even care about the clothes this girl wears. All we are really here for is to see some flesh—something which happens in about 2 seconds. She starts taking off clothes and both guys and girls are envious of this hot teen. This young lady has some tasty tits that aren't big but certainly aren't small either. And she also has one of the sexiest booties I have seen in quite awhile. If this shit doesn't inspire envy, then I really don't know what would. By the end of this scene, this chick is completely naked and I am sure every guy has drained his balls. I know I've almost drained mine, and I've been writing this article at the same time. Now whose envious? - check the whole gallery here!

Is This What You've Been Waiting For?

Want some teen fucking? Okay, I'll try to scrounge some up for you, but in the meantime I would like to show you this intense softcore gallery. In this scene, we once again meet our favorite teen and she decides to do a little bit of a strip tease for us. One that most certainly will drive us wild. She begins by laying seductively on her bed. Just laying there and smiling at us until she's sure she has our attention. Once she does, she then decides to sit up and take off her clothes. The first thing she takes off is her shirt—revealing those luscious peaches she calls breasts to us. Then she gives us an extreme closeup so we can see her face and her tits at the same time. Now that she is confident she has our undivided attention, she decides to give us a real sex show. She reaches down into her panties and begins to play with her clit. She does soft little circles that bring her closer and closer to climax. And then just before she cums, she withdrawals her hands and takes off her panties. It is there that the scene unexpectedly ends. - check the whole gallery here!

The Sexual Fantasy Is Almost Complete

You are here because you like your porn young and tasty. That's probably a certainty. I am here because I love to deliver you that special teen pussy. And since I have sort of a crush on this particular babe, I decided to build this site around her. You must like it—at least a little bit, otherwise you wouldn't be here. So with these pleasantries out the way, let's get down to business and check out this babe's wonderful body. Today, we are going to watch a scene where this chick lays on her bed and then decides to take off all of her clothes for the camera. It might seem like a bit of a cliché, but trust me, it's hot as hell. Almost immediately, she gets up on her knees and begins to pull her shirt off. This gives us a really good shot of this babe's amazing breasts. Then she gets down on all fours, turns around and starts crawling across her bed so we can get a good look at her ass. And as usual, she takes off her panties and almost shows us her vagina. Almost but no cigar. - check the whole gallery here!

You Want It Badly, Don't You?

How bad do you want to see this teen's pussy? I'm sure after all of this prick teasing she's been doing, that you probably want to see that little pink piece of paradise pretty badly. You can probably taste her musky juices and smell her vagrant cunt. I think she has you, as well as me, right where she wants us. And I am sure she's going to please and tease us even further in this scene. A scene in which she takes off her shirt and shows off her petite juggs. Then, after she has wowed us with her breasts, she draws our attention to her underwear. Panties that are getting fairly moist due to her excitement. Damn, she even gives us a few of the spot between her legs—which are still covered in panties, mind you—from several fucking angles. I think at this point, even she's tired of teasing us and wants to just go ahead and show off her love hole. Of course, I have already seen her slit on her website, so I'm not that desperate. However, you must be going out of your mind by now. - check the whole gallery here!

This Teen Porn Gallery Will Grab You!

Okay, even though I have already seen this babe's snatch when I joined her site, I have to admit that I was pretty captivated by this fucking gallery. Even though I had seen her holiest of holes, her little strip tease and prick tease was enough to get me to want to see it again. Damn, she's a sexual fucking genius. She kicks off the party by taking off her top and just laying there in her underwear. She just sits there and gives us plenty of time to ogle her prime fucking titties. Then when she's sure we've been satiated, she goes ahead and starts her little routine. She stands up, shakes her ass and lets out a little giggle. The next thing she did totally blew my mind. She laid down and gave us just a slight peek of her pussy. Just a little taste. Then she begins to slowly, and I do mean slowly, begin to pull down her panties. And then, just when you think you are finally going to see the promised land, she stops and shuts it all down. This chick truly has to be the sexiest prick tease on the Internet today. - check the whole gallery here!

Saved The Best For Last

Well my dear friends, we've covered quite a bit of territory over the last few galleries. We got to meet one of the hottest teens on the Internet today, and we have had the opportunity to see her glorious fucking body. We have been pleased by her and we've been teased by her. But most of all, we have been entertained—at least in my humble opinion. Before we part ways, however, I want to take a few moments and show you one more gallery. A gallery that will show you everything that you need to know about this babe. One that will let you see her body from head to toe. It is also one that will allow you to see her personality. Watch as she takes off her clothes and gives you a look at her breasts. Then watch as she takes off her panties and gives you her best Venus de Milo impersonation. And of course, as the tradition has been on this site, we still don't get to see her pussy. I'm sorry, if you want to see her love hole—or what she does with it—then you are just going to have to visit her site. I'll meet you there. - check the whole gallery here!
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